Tuesday, November 29, 2005

things that happened and stuff

ok-- greg is now officially "that one guy"
tracy has-- and i quote-- "woobly arms"

challenge for next week if you have time and the desire to accept it. write something from your particular weaknesses. i.e. if you have a hard time with dialogue write only in dialogue.

and another thing. something that would make this site actually interactive and stuff. when you get a short story idea or have a question or anything post it. you can either use the comment keys at the bottom of the last posts or you can use the "write us" link at the bottom of the sidebar (at the bottom of the page-- way down there) to e-mail us. i am not certain how well the link works but give it a shot and we'll find out.

anywhoo-- i was thinking, with tracy mcdarlin' here that we should have ourselves a christmas party. it can either be before she flies away and goes home (before the end of finals) or sometime in january when we all come back for school. i personally think the latter would be the most appropriate for our little crew. (wheeeee!)

till next time,
shiny mcshiny.

aspen's scarf

sorry it's blurry. i can't hold cameras very still. Posted by Picasa

aspen's super shiny harry potter scarf. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 26, 2005

why must the good ones leave us too?

in case you did not already know:

there are some celebrity deaths that i take note of. there are some which i regret because i miss the actor and their work. this guy was deffinatly one of them. how can you not feel saddened by the death of Mr. Miyagi.

well that's a definate bummer...

Friday, November 25, 2005


in case ya'll didn't know or hadn't figured it out. meeting for this tuesday (the one after thanksgiving) is back on as usual.

see all ya'll little spider monkeys there.

shiny mcshiny!

Friday, November 18, 2005

this is not illiteratti oriented but i am posting it here anyway

thanksgiving--why i like this holiday:
this is my second favorite holiday. my favorite is halloween when i get to put on a costume and act silly. i also get to hand candy out to small children and that makes me ecstatic.

thanksgiving is my next best for a couple of reasons. one of the biggest is that unlike christmas and even, sadly, halloween it has not been overcommercialized. why--because it is damn near impossible. there are only so many turkeys and cans of cranberry sauce that can be sold. you don't give gifts, cards seem silly, the only dressing up is putting on nice clothes for the dinner table, and decorations are a might... odd.

another reason that i like thanksgiving is that it is the only truly generous american holiday. what do i mean by this? well-- christmas is the season of greed. it is all about what can i get from other people and what do i have to give. halloween is the season of getting in a costume and eating yourself sick on candy. valentines day is the time to pretend you care and fake it by presenting someone you are supposed to feel disturbingly syruppy romantic towards by giving them too much overpriced chocolate and pricey flowers that'll be decomposing in a week. thanksgiving is a time for sheer gluttony. i will admit that this part of it is anything but generous. it is all about how much you eat. what i mean is that this is the only holiday that i ever see people putting family and friends above others. where despite the fact that media hasn't told them to they have still decided they need to gather and be with those they care about and love. this is the only time of the year where i see even hostile people running about and inviting everyone they know, or think they know, might have even the slightest possibility of not having family to be with to their tables to enjoy the bounty-- not just of food, but of friends and family and that now seemingly rare open and honest brotherly love.

tvs are off. the radios hushed. arguments (usually/ hopefully) forgotten, even if just for the meal.

thanksgiving is the holiday where we stop, think, and are grateful for those things that we have, the friends we can call such, and the family who are there for us despite ourselves. this is the holiday that still has meaning and feeling. we remember thanksgiving not because the tv pushes it at us, but because we choose to. because we want to. it is not about some cheesey disney style history that has been drastically misrepresented over the years, we celebrate this holiday to celebrate each other as people, to celebrate kindness and love and hope. we celebrate it in order to celebrate the positive relationships that exist amoung us all. we celebrate to remind us of what we forget the rest of the year-- how much we love and how much we are loved.

we celebrate thanksgiving because as the name of the holiday says-- we give thanks. we are thankful everything.

on a same but different note:

christmas pisses me off. this is likely because i work in retail. there has been no magic for many years. i've seen too much bull to care much about it any more. and that saddens me. so i have come up with a new idea. one that i hope will redeem the holiday for me.

i am not buying people gifts this year.

for the last several years i have bought gifts with the idea of getting people things that they need. i hate wasting my money. i do not mind spending it or getting things for people. what i have issues with is waste. i have absolutley no interest in getting people some piece of crap they will forget in five minutes. i want to get something they will enjoy and use. something that will really be worth something the whole year round. but last year i noticed that i spent way too much money on stuff that i consider crap. and it was for people who had no need for crap. people who made enough money (not wealthy but not poor) that they didn't need anything and all i was getting them in place of good stuff was crap. i decided i was never going to do this again but i couldn't figure out how.

then my sister came up to me and asked me what i wanted for christmas. i was in my bedroom which was stuffed with junk. more than giving people useful things i like getting useful things. i'm a college student. life is expensive. but i looked around my room and realized to my shock that i didn't need anything and there was nothing i wanted specifically either. so i told her-- "you know what, get an angel off one of those angel-trees and get that kid something. write down what you get them and tell me. that is what you can get me. they need those things a lot more than i need more useless junk."

and that is when it dawned on me. instead of getting people who are perfectly capable of affording life on their own stuff they don't really need-- i am going to get those angel-tree angels and get some poor kid, who other-wise can't even afford a new pair of jeans, the stuff they need. these kids can't get this stuff themselves. they can't afford the cost of life, they are simply too poor.

i challenge you to give anyone you know who also doesn't need more stuff (hint if when you are shopping for them all you can think to yourself is "they already have everything" that would be the person and the time) a card or piece of paper saying-- i helped some needy child get something nice this year in your name. here is what i bought for them: fill-in here.

try it. it might make you a better person, or feel like one, or even just plain feel good about yourself.

have a good holiday season.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

because i thought i should and it has come to my attention

for those of you who are going to take Captain Morgan's capstone next semester i thought i'd provide the reading list.
here it is:
Marion Zimmer Bradly: The Mists of Avalon
J.R.R. Tolkien: LOTR
Anne Rice: Blackwood Farm
Queen of the Damned
J.K. Rowling: (big surprise) Harry Potter: Sorcerer's Stone
: Goblet of Fire
and three theoretical texts which i can't remember

the next thing and perhaps the most important: I knew next week was Thanksgiving i just didn't connect it with the Illiteratti. To which effect i thought it was no problem to have a meeting next week. However, after being informed by just about everyone that they wouldn't be able to make it for various reasons i decided that it would be best to cancel next weeks meeting. hopefully to resume as usual the week after.
please leave comments or just e-mail us (there's a handy e-mail link on the sidebar) about whether or not you agree or not.

see ya'll latah

sorry, but when i saw it i had to post it

these others i just find funny

i had absolutly no idea wew needed to know that much about space dirt.

wow--it's still worth that much. i thought Bush had made it almost worthless these days. *cough cough* patriot act *cough cough*

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

books we think are important

These are books that we recommend reading. They are also books that we consider to be pivotal. You may take them or leave them as you wish.
We obviously think you should take them.

Adams, Richard--Watership Down
Asimov, Isaac
Asprin, Robert--The Myth books
Bradbury, Ray --Fahrenheit 451, Martian Chronicles
Bradly, Marion Zimmerman --The Mists of Avalon
Brown, Kenneth
Card, Orson Scott --Ender’s Game
Dick, Phillip K. --Any anthology
Farley, Walter
Friedman, C.S.
Heinlein, Robert --Starship Troopers
Herbert, Frank --Dune
Huxley, Aldus --Brave New World
Jaques, Brian --Redwall
Jordan, Robert --Wheel of Time
LeGuin, Ursula --Earthsea
L’Engle, Madeleine --Wrinkle in Time
Lewis, C.S. --Chronicles of Narnia
Lovecraft, H.P.
Lowry, Lois --The Giver
Norton, Andre
Pratchet, Terry --any
Takami, Koushun --Battle Royale
Tolkien, J.R.R. --LOTR
Wells, H.G. --any

here are some lists compiled by other people
these are their opinions. Pick an choose as you wish. Some are competent, some are strange, some are prolific, some are wrong, but you should look anyway.

it was about time

i decided i wanted to use a new template.

tell me what ya folks think i'd like to know.
just try not to be too viscous-- aspen...

Friday, November 11, 2005

hello all you wonderful people

i really have nothing to say. i just feel i should post. i don't want to do my homework again (big surprise there) and felt i should so something i could at least pretend was constructive. this really has nothing to do with illiteratti business. i could pretend it was because it was somewhat literary... could but i prefer to avoid lying when i can.


here are some funny and amusing blogs. both are related to bozeman. this guy is a prof at the university. he moved here from elsewhere sometime recently-- i know this because he thought kelly morgan was a girl (for a while then he updated and fixed it) this guy's blog kept cracking me up. i really like the police report one and the one on the hotspring they went to where they were lucky to avoid them dirty hippy types: by the way i agree with him. why is it that so many hippies decide bathing is against their principles. do they have an issue with soap or is it water?

i should have put this on my livejournal... all well.
ya'll know how to contact me on that one. maybe i'll post this both places. why? because i can and because it will kill time.

um.. challenge for next week: write something else. challenge yourself to try and write something that hits on what you think are your weeknesses as a writer. me, for example, i am going to try and write a complete short story without getting bogged down in details. maybe i'll include a fight scene, i suck at those.
remember folks this is merely a challenge. a very loose challenge. this is not homework. you can choose to do this or not. it is up to you. i probably should since i issued it. but i may not depending on my general level of apathy and moderate frantic depression due to the fact that i have no plan on what i am going to do after graduation.
damn indecision! i think...

talk to ya'll soon.
p.s. i like talking like a backwoods cowboy/ montana hick. it amuses me greatly to work within stereotypes of montana. a privilige (i can't spell) of being a montana native.

Monday, November 07, 2005

because we are all literary n'stuff

look they're now doing e-books for more than just ha-has.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

an honerary member

this is lily. she is not technically a member as she has never come to the group but her dress is so fabulous i had to put it up anyway. it's her ren fair costume and i have a serious case of green-itis.
i wanna corset!
i will get one someday. till then-- goeth fair lily goeth. Posted by Picasa

we've got an invisible elf!

ain't this the cutest derned invisible elf yer not supposed ta see!
she is our shiny cutie. and she's got pointy ears. see ma-- i told ya's they were real. Posted by Picasa

the resident wash

this here is our official wash. he has the benefit of not being dead. he is also a tiny plastic triceratops which makes him all the cooler.
he currently resides with aspen. the other wash belongs ot zoe. this one is aspen's. Posted by Picasa


this is our resident oddball. she loves drawing evil stick people and mocking trout. tracy is special in many ways, one of them being her apparent family history. they do wierd things in weird ways. one-- now notorious story began "it started when we bought the crappy dump truck" and ended with "and that's why we sold the barbeques"

just last week were were informed that one vehicle had only carried the hot water boiler, the septic tank, something else relativley normal, and the vault door...

the evil grin is normal and the unattached third hand really belongs to me. ta da. i have disconected body parts. and my friends aren't even fazed. tells ya something huh. Posted by Picasa

our local man of mystery

this shady figure... well he's not so much. he is who he is and he has a name but i'm not supposed to say it so i won't.
he's taller than the famous moi and has red hair.
what shall we name him...hmmm. this is a difficult task. how 'bout... Loki. yeah that fits.
you're Loki now man.
woohoo! Posted by Picasa

words that ain't

we at the illiteratti reserve the right to create words. we also reserve the right-- because we are so special like that-- to declare words that ain't. that's right words that ain't words. words that're just playin at being words cause folks to dumb to know not ta use'm.

word one (at personal request from Aspen): mannequinism. this ain't a word. man is a word, mannequin is a word, mannequinism just isn't and shall never be. it is wrong to use it-- ever, so don't.

word two: symbology-- this ain't a word either. it was created by the author dan brown for a character. it means-- if it were real-- the study of symbols. it does not mean symbolism which is how most people use it. it ain't a real word!

word three: this is more of a missuse issue. psychic does not equal psychological. it is laziness of the tongue. stop it. when you say you have a psychic connection it means one thing. when you have a psychological connection that is something else altogether. it is a real word but when used out of context not only is it wrong it is worse than wrong it is innaccurate. stop doing it. slips are ok they happen. so does stepping in dog crap. doesn't mean you want to make a habit of it.

that's all for now.
more to follow.

this is so me.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

let's try this again

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challenge one

should you choose to accept--
we are looking for something-- anything-- that is 3-10 pages long. you may do this. if you don't that's just dandy. you are welcome to start them off the prompts. you are welcome to do whatever you dern well feel like. we are all nice people here. (down Aspen! DOWN!.. good girl)

--my oh my she wasn't aware that was possible.
--the rabbid bunny rabbits were attacking and they had the juju man with them.
--"she's our version of jack-- go my little spider monkey go!"
"jack wasn't a spider monkey."
"...go my little spider monkey go!"
--some people were just cruel... a little "scare" on halloween was cool. but to put up a full sized card board cut out of paris hilton on your lawn-- that was just cruel. something had to be done.
--i have a burnin' need ta defile some graves here.
--"you take money for sex"
"then you're a whore."
"i'm an opportunist."
--when i want your advice-- get me to a hospital as fast as possible.
--"where is that gas can? gaaas caan, gaaaass caaaan."
* meow*
"what the--? oh! that's where you went kitty. i thought i'd lost ya when we couldn't find you after we chnged the tires."
--tracy (a scene from her life)
--Five sheds and a mummified cat
(Also from Tracy, different story)
--"momma? what's that lady doing? it looks like she's... is that chuckles?"
"no silly your cat is safely at home. good lord what is she doing with your cat!? is that my toilet seat?"
--just channel tracy

wash 2

picture 2 of justin as wash Posted by Picasa


this is justin's costume. he decided to do this the day of. it was easy and worked out well. that and i think it was easier to identify than samurai big bird... yay. we loves wash. and this one ain't dead.  Posted by Picasa

the man with no name

this is aspen's halloween costume. she is one fine looking cowboy i must say.
sorry aspen i wanted to try the photo option on my blog and your photo was the first one available.
she is also, perhaps more commonly, known as the Borg Queen. she will assimilate you. Posted by Picasa

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